Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I don't get men sexually

How is it that men and women can differ so much sexually sometimes? You know I hear a lot of people say how men are not built to be monogomis and women are. Why? Why are women? Why is it assumed that she doesn't want something more? I can't understand how two people can be together for so long yet it seems they can be on such a different path when it comes to sex. Like for me, I like all variations of sex, I can have sex 24/7 . I am for all intense purposes a sex addict, so maybe that doesn't help. But my partner he loves his sex in the morning, he would much prefer to get it in the morning. Here is the thing, I prefer it at night for one main reason, I like to make love once in awhile. I mean make love, not half as love. Most men assume when a woman says "make love to me" that she means 5 minutes of kissing and touching than 10 minutes of slow sex. When I personally say to my partner to make love to me I am meaning the old days, back 5 years ago when it was like he was trying to keep me. You know like how a woman keeps up her looks a man keeps up the love making.

I want to be kissed, without having my hand slid down to his cock. I want to be stroked everywhere BUT my crotch. I want to feel his lips making love to my collar bone, I want to feel like our bodies are becoming more than just two bodies laying together. I remember the first time we really ever made love, ironically it is what led to me telling him i loved him.

I had just come out of the shower and was in the bedroom getting ready to get dressed. I had nothing but a towel on and he was in the room with me. He came over to me and started kissing me softly. As he kissed me he slowly removed the towel and threw it off to the side. He lay me down on the bed before him and knelt down beside me, kissing my lips one more time before he began to kiss my body. He worked his way from the top all the way down to the top of my feet. It seemed like it took hours for him to reach my feet. Than slowly he began to work his way back up. Stopping to work his tongue over my clit. Not wanting to making me cum, just adding to the intense feeling I was already having. He came back up, his lips making love to my flesh slowly up my neck and kissing me passionately again as he brought himself between my legs.He continued to kiss me, teasing me with himself. After a bit he finally entered me slowly. He made love to me for what seemed like over an hour at least before rolling so that he was under neath me and I sat above him. Leaning over to kiss him as i rode him to our completion. When all was said and done, it honestly had lasted at least an hour to and hour and a half. With actual sex only being maybe 45 mins. *sighs* you know just because one has been together for along time or they have kids, DOES NOT mean that they have to loose those kinds of nights.

Maybe I have watched to many romance movies................................................................................

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ok for me I am ALL for the idea of having my man and another woman in bed. I love the idea of watching him fuck her senseless. So today i was looking around trying hard to find a 3rd, do you know that it is fucking impossible these days. It seems there are more couples looking for a single female than there are single females. Sigh. So I am all worked up now and nothing to do......so i figured I would come share with you a few pictures of what my imagination has in store for my man when I find that special third(well sad part is I found one, but she is many many states away).

And of course you know for me it just wouldn't be right without some one on one action with another girl. But for me I have better things in mind, and I know one girl who would love to reenact these with me.

The funny part is I have never been one for strap ons, but lately I find myself fantasizing more and more about me wearing a strap on while I fuck another woman. I guess being so submissive I want to know what that power feels like. I want to know what it feels like to ram something like that in a woman's pussy(power wise).

Or even better could always be interesting, my partner and I get our threesome and we both fuck the girl *grins*, or perhaps if I have a strap on like the next pic, he could fuck me or her.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

His tongue slide along her body, the tip starting at her ankle, slowly working up to her thigh. He let his tongue flatten out as he crossed over the skin of her thigh, moving toward the inside. Her body shivered as his breath caressed over her clit, my panties growing wet as I sit just off to the side watching his movement over her body. He slowly climbed over her body, his legs straddling one of hers, his cock rubbing lighting against her skin as it began to swell. He leaned down kissing her passionately, his thigh rubbing up against her moist crotch. He moved his lips to nibble at her neck, sucking at her skin as he laps his tongue over. I sit back, watching quietly, their bodies only feet from me. He moved down to her breasts his mouth closing around one nipple, sucking it in. He moved himself between her legs, his cock rock hard now. He turned and grinned at me, as if making sure I was watching him as he slid himself inside her. She moaned loudly as her pussy was filled with his cock.

I watched for a bit as he fucked her slowly at first than began to pound away at her pussy as if to shove his cock all the way up through her. My own hand found its way down to my soaked panties, rubbing at my clit through them. I could feel my pussy tightening at the longing of feeling his own cock inside me as I watched him fuck her. Her back arched as she began to cum, her moans growing louder and more high pitched, I could feel myself so close to cumming just from hearing her. My own moans began to merge with hers as she came down from her orgasm my voice rang through the room, he looked back toward me and grinned. He than rolled her over so that she was on all four. He told me to come over to them and get beneath her licking at her clit. I slid under neath her, my pussy glistening wet and bare just beneath her as my mouth sat beneath her own soaked lips.

My tongue slid from my mouth out to her clit lightly flicking at it, tasting her slowly. I felt her wiggle a bit before feeling her own tongue lapping at the inside of my wet thighs. His hands grasped her hips as he thrust his cock back inside her , thrusting hard as I sucked at her clit and lips, drinking her up. She began to work quickly on my clit lapping with the flatness of her tongue. After a few her and I began to slowly wither with our own orgasms, almost in sync. He thrust hard in her, I could her his skin slapping against her own. He withdrew himself from her and rolled her onto her back on the bed again. Tugging at me he lay me over her, my pussy laying against hers, our breasts massaging each other. We began to kiss, letting our taste mingle between our lips and tongue as I felt him rubbing his cock against my pussy, than sliding in me a bit, slowly moving in and out, but not going in that far.

As her and I got lost in each others taste again and our wet clits rubbing against each other, I noticed a wet feeling sliding down over my ass, cold , cool wetness. My eyes closed as I knew what was coming, I moved my mouth to one of her breasts, licking the nipple before sucking on her, taking as much of her breast in as I could. I bit down a bit as I felt his cock slide into my ass quick and hard, no time to ween myself to it again, the quicker than better, he could go longer. Soon he was thrusting in and out of my ass as she bucked her hips against me, our clits still rubbing each other. My mouth still on her breast sucking hungerly, the flatness of my tongue rubbing over the stiffness of her nipple. I felt my body quiver just as I felt his cock enlarge and jerk inside of me. She was cumming as well my own orgasm moments away, I moved my hips so his cock was still moving inside me as I rubbed my clit still against her. As my body shake I collapsed on top of her and he on me..................................